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About Us

Hello There Gods & Goddesses!

How wonderful is it that the universe brought us here together 

Welcome to Aaliyahs Garden - Our little magical realm filled with beautiful tools for anyone interested in spiritual growth, personal growth and manifesting the best version of oneself. 
Taking the first steps into the world of smudging can be slightly intimidating, so wed like to make the idea of spiritual healing as harmonious as possible for you. 
By guiding people through simple ways in which smudging can benefit their life, our mission is for you to feel inspired, elevated, and exhilarated to start manifesting the life you've always desired. 
A smudge Stick is simply a tool with sacred smoke that has the ability to cleanse the energy of your space, to welcome positive energy, and uplift your mood.  All to empower you to take the steps to improve your life. Without your essence, your Intentions and your thoughts a smudge stick is powerless.  The TRUE power is within you.  You are the creator and director of your life -  You hold the key.
We are eternally Grateful for the energetic exchange, and for allowing us to join  you on your magical path to fulfillment.
Your higher self is waiting for you!


                                              HOW WE GOT INSPIRED 

In the Summer of 2020, we launched Aaliyahs Garden. We are two sisters that Initially created our first smudge sticks as giveaways for our cousins garden meditation themed baby shower.  We received so much support and natural reactions from guests that we were inspired to start this journey and bring Aaliyahs Garden to you.  We named our brand after her daughter, our niece, Aaliyah.