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Tranquility | Amethyst Infused Essential Oil Roller

Tranquility | Amethyst Infused Essential Oil Roller

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Amethyst is powerful crystal that acts as a natural Tranquilizer.  It relieves stress, and soothes irritability, Fear & Anger.  It can transmute negative energy into Love & Protection. Amethyst Heightens Intuition, activates spiritual awareness, and enhances physic abilities. It can also relieve insomnia, aiding in a peaceful sleep induced with vivid dreams.  Lastly, Amethyst Boosts the immune system, helping to fight & eliminate diseases. 

Crystal Infused - Amethyst 

Essential Oils - Lavender & Cedar Wood

Carrier Oils - Coconut & Sweet Almond Oil 

Florals - Lavender stem & Gomphrena Petals